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Glycolic Face Peels

Glycolic Face Peels

serenity-anubis-face-peelsGlycolic face peels contains acid is used in anti-aging skin care treatments. When used at 40 percent strength, glycolic peels improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, sun, damage, stimulates collagen production, improves skin hydration and age spots.

Glycolic peels are simply a chemical peel that features glycolicb peels as the main component.

Glycolic peels is currently a popular treatment for winkles and acne. Part of the alpha hydroxyl family of natural ingredients, glycolic peels is derived from sugar cane and is a fruit acid. When applied to the skin, it helps to remove the “glue” that holds the older, rougher and dryer skin on the surface. When it removes that top layer of skin, the fresh, new layer is visible. It’s this layer that’s without damage and which looks fresher.

People who have glycolic peels are often amazed with the results – they look younger, with fewer fine lines and wrinkles and if they have acne, they often notice their skin is quite a bit less oily and is much clearer.

40% glycolic peels treat the outer layer of skin and the results last for up to one month. Whilst you may see some very minor benefits after a single superficial peel. We recommend a course of five to six peels two weeks apart.  This will give the best results, as superficial peels are gentler. The full benefits of the peel build up over a course of six treatments.

Glycolic Face Peel Price List

  • Glycolic Face Peel £55 per treatment
  • Glycolic Face Peel course of six £300

There are few if any side effects to having a glycolic peel. Right after the procedure you might feel some burning, but it often goes away quickly. You might have some redness, but again, this usually goes away fairly quickly. If you have sensitive or very fair skin you are more likely to encounter these discomforts.

Glycolic peels can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so you should wear a good sun block after having a glycolic peel.