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Colon Massage

Colon Massage, also known as Deep abdominal massage or internal organ massage is a treatment that focuses on the metabolic and energetic functions of the abdomen to release trapped gases, blockages and waste products. Colon massage is getting very popular. Colon massage is renowned for helping with constipation, bloating and improves the condition of the skin.The massage works on the stomach, abdomen and targeting the colon (large intestines). This treatment follows the natural direction of the colon, but also works again the natural direction.Everyone should cleanse their colon on an annual basis to avoid re-absorption of the toxins.

The colon massage improves the skins condition and detoxifies the body by releasing toxins and increasing circulation. It encourage better elimination by increasing the lymphatic drainage and stimulates the body by stimulating the nervous system.

Benefits of Colon Massage

Colon Massage has many benefits including:-

  • Relief from trapped matter (constipation) and gas (bloating)
  • Relief from abdominal fluid retention
  • Improved detoxification of the body
  • Improved digestive health – better elimination, increased digestion and metabolism
  • Improved breathing leading to better relaxation
  • Relief from symptoms of IBS, nervous tummy and other digestive imbalances
  • Improved postural health

Colon Massage Price List

Colon Massage – 45 mins – £35

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