Botox frown lines PeiPeiMiss Pei-Pei Cheang – Consultant Facial Plastic Surgeon

Anti-aging and aesthetic treatments, a range of non-surgical facial rejuvenation with prescription only skin care systems.
Surgical options are also available in private hospitals.
About Miss Cheang
Miss Cheang is a consultant ENT surgeon in Tunbridge Wells with a special interest in facial plastic surgery. She undertakes both adult and paediatric ENT cases, including general ENT, nose and sinus problems and voice pathology. She specialises in nasal surgery, including reconstruction of facial skin defects and skin lesions, rhinoplasties and aesthetic surgery.

Here At Serenity Therapies

Pei-Pei is offering a range of Aesthetics from Anti-Wrinkle Injection (Botox) to Dermal Fillers and Vampire Facelifts. Pei-Pei is works out of Serenity Therapies every Saturday, other times may be available on request.

How are wrinkles formed and how Botox can help

Every time you smile, laugh or frown, you set off a series of contractions in the underlying muscles of your face. Deep wrinkles such as crows feet and frown lines are caused by overactive muscle movement which gradually wear the collagen [supporting structure in the skin] away, causing the skin to sink and wrinkles to appear. To make matters worse, the more you use these muscles, the deeper these wrinkles and lines are likely to be. Botox® can help delay formation of wrinkles due to muscle activity. Wrinkles are also formed as a result of sun damage and natural ageing process

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Price List  

Anti-Wrinkle Injection
1 Area                           £185
2 Areas                         £235
3 Areas                         £285
(Male patients additional £50)

Other Areas Using Neurotoxins
Masseter            from £225
Jowl                    from £225
Neck                   from £225
Excessive Sweating £450

Dermal Fillers
(depending on quantity needed)
Nasolabial Fold   from £275/£350
(Juvaderm Smile/Volbella)
Cheek  Enhancing from £400
Lip Enhancing       from £250
Lip Rejuvenation  from £350
8 Points Lift           from £580

Facial Rejuvenation
PRP Injection         £350 per treatment
(Vampire Facelift) £950 Course Of 3

Obagi prescription skin care – Variable


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