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Facials Review from SO Magazines

Saturday, 25 February 2017 by

This February we had SO magazine’s Vikki Hyder try and test out our new advanced facial, No-Needle Mesotherapy. After her treatment she went away and wrote an amazing review which we are so happy about. Here is what she has to say. So What Is No-Needle Mesotherapy The Fusion XPERT is a new concept in

Mothers Day

Friday, 26 February 2016 by

Mothers Day is only a week away! Are you ready to appreciate your mum? To thank her for everything she has ever done for you? Where do you even begin? Serenity Therapies can offer you a solution – of course, you could never ever repay your mother for all the things she has done for

Voila! It’ Valentines!

Saturday, 06 February 2016 by

Ladies and Gentlemen – It is February once again, and once again, we can not escape the inevitable. Valentines Day. May it be vulgar, voluminous, voluptuous or horridly vacant – Never the less Valentines is closing in on us rapidly. What plans have you? To go out for a luxurious dinner with you loved one?

Hop on board the Hopi Train!

Thursday, 21 January 2016 by

Hop On Board The Hopi Train! What is Hopi? Why should I board the train for Hopi? Will Hopi be for me? How would Hopi help if it was? Questions, questions, questions! Calm down people! And I will explain… The Hopi Ear Candle. That’s what we’re talking about! ‘AHHH OBVIOUSLY’ I hear you say…no? Well